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Disk cleaner tool wipes entire laptop unused disk space deleted chat conversation e-mails other files folders for better computer system performance.

Data Waping Software

Data wiping software is a secure tool used for permanently wiping or removing crucial and confidential data including History, Favourites, Cookies and Temporary Internet Files from your hard disk drive and removable media drives. Data removal utility helps in improving over all speed and execution of your PC. We provide you affordable cost effective Software that is easy to use and wipes your secret data permanently.

Price : $45

Wipes Data From:

  • Hard Disk Drive and all supported Removable Storage Media Drive.

Wipes Data Including:

  • Internet activities including Cookies, History, Favourites and Temporary Internet Files, Chat messengers, Email and News from your PC/Laptop or Desktop.
  • Entire hard disk or selected disk area sector range regardless of data saved in selected sector range.
  • Software Wipes data from hard disk drive and storage media in Destructive mode (deletes all saved or erased data) and Non-Destructive mode (deletes all unused disk space, deleted data, internet activities, system traces and application traces).
  • Wiping tool wipes System files (recycle bin, clipboard content, Windows event log etc).
  • Wipes Application files (word pad, MS access, media player, MS excel etc).

Features of the Software:

  • Software easily erases all your offline and online internet activities records.
  • Wiping tool deletes all file and folders in a very less time regardless of size of the file.
  • Erase all the List of programs from Start Menu-Run Command, Recycle Bin and Windows application logs.
  • Provide step by step built in help to easily understand the software with user friendly GUI interface.
  • Wiping tool is easily operated by technical and non technical person.

Data Wiper Software Supports:

  • All types of Internal drives and external storage media including removable drive, compact flash memory card, thumb drive, external hard disk drive, multimedia card, SD card, compact multimedia card, smart drive media, memory card, USB drive, smart media and other similar devices
Data Waping Software Screenshots
Data Waping Software

Data Waping Software